Why Us?

JPT is committed to business excellence in all aspects as guided by its 4 guiding princeples in the conduct of its Business:.

Absolute Legal Compliance

We ensure that our company complies with all the requirements specified in the applicable laws and regulations.

High Standards

We take pride to the products services we deliver. We seek to achieve excellence in all our endeavors and arent satisfied until projects meet our own personal high standards.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

We provide inexpensive yet quality services with optimum project results.

Customer Focus

We collaborate closely to our customers and make effort to provide them great products and services that fit their needs.

What We Do

Our Core Services from Inspection, Assessment to Disposal

Asbestos Removal & Disposal

Removal, Handling, Packaging, Transport, Disposal, and Overall Clean-up Decontamination.


Roofing / Reroofing Services

Roofing Panel, Gutter and Bended accessories installation, Dismantling and Repair


Polychlorinated biphenyl

Supply of appropriate packaging materials, Permits Processing and Overall Handling


Destruction Shredding Disposal

Shredding, crushing, compacting, recycling and disposal of various products and materials


Complete Waste Management

Profiling, Classification, Repacking, Transport, Treatment, Recycling, and Disposal.


Recycling and Recovery

Flint cullets, flat glasses,
amber cullets, papers, cartons and plastics (hdpe, ldpe, pe, pp).


Sewage Control Plant

Removes contaminants from wste waste through physical, chemical and biological process.


Aggregates Sand Supply

Supply of sand,
crushed stone,


Renewable Energy Solutions

We help communities create an energy economy. An economy based on utilizing locally produced energy and resources.

Wind Energy
  • Very Few Greenhouse Emission
  • Fuel is Free
  • Very Space Efficient
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Decreasing Overall Cost
  • Energy Independent
  • Great Potential for Residential Use

Solar Energy
  • Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission
  • Renewable
  • Sustainable Resource
  • Plenty of Unique Applications
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
  • Rapidly Evolving Technology
  • Off th Grid & Usable Almost Anywhere

Biomass Energy
  • Less Dependency on Fossil Fuels
  • Carbon Neutrality
  • It is Versatile
  • Abundant Availability
  • Reduces Waste
  • Domestic Production
  • Low Cost