What We Do

JPT Pro-Earth Services Inc. works in major area in industry. We provide good quality and cost-efficient services.

Material Recycling & Recovery


Recycled to create new products such as office paper, toilet paper, tissues, paper towel, cardboard etc..

Flat Glasses

For recycling to produce new glass used for windows, windshields and for other multiple purpose

Amber Cullets

For Recycling used for pharmaceuticals, beer bottles, liquor, wine, decoratives


Recycled to create new products such as paper towels, tissues, wall boards ceiling board etc.

Flint Cullets

For recycling to produce new bottles, containers etc.



Amber Cullets


Flint Glasses

Flat Glasses



Sewage Treatment Plant

We are equipped with experience and required skills necessary to tackle
and handle your sewage system project in a professional and timely manner.

Mobile Water Solutions

Providing guaranteed water treatment solutions to keep our customer’s plants online and in production, and we do it all on demand. With the largest mobile fleet of its kind, Mobile Water’s hundreds of mobile units cover just about any type of application

Using mobile water systems like our MobileFlow*, ZeeWeed* ultrafiltration, MobileRO*, Mobile EDR, and seawater desalination systems, we can provide standardized equipment or systems that can be configured to fit your specific application.

Just like industries and municipalities around the world, you too can rely on Mobile Water to deliver a wide range of water treatment solutions for planned and unplanned events, including:

  • Emergency outages or equipment failure
  • Planned outages for equipment repair
  • Seasonal demands and product expansion
  • Plant start-ups
  • Changes in raw water quality
  • Sudden changes in effluent specifications
  • Expansion of existing water plant
  • Regeneration and cleaning services
  • Drought and hurricanes

  • A Mobile solution for nearly any situation

    Short-Term Solutions

    For flexible time periods, our short-term solutions can replace or augment your current system with the same reliable system availability.

    We meet your quality and quantity needs to help you through planned maintenance periods, new plant start-up or commissioning, outages, peak demand periods, and the challenges associated with variable feedwater.

    We will deliver our mobile equipment to your site to supply the treated water you need to maintain essential services.

    Example: Coal-fired power plant

    • The power plant needed a complete steam blow to remove deposits resulting from repairs to the superheat and reheat sections.
    • Limited DI and city water capacity would have required an intermittent steam blow lasting three weeks
    • Deployed 720 gpm (164 m3/hr) deionized and deoxgenated mobile water system using alternate raw river water source.
    • Finished the complete steam blow in 48 hours resulting in savings of contractor costs and generating capacity availability.

    Long-Term Solutions

    For longer-term needs, Mobile Water provides complete turnkey solutions, allowing you to focus on your core activities and conserve your capital. We can help with new projects, or replace and upgrade existing systems while guaranteeing water quality and quantity, all with little or no capital investment on your part. Along with our mobile equipment, we provide trained personnel and maintenance services on a long-term basis to guarantee water quality and quantity.

    Example: Textile manufacturer

    • Existing conventional resin-based demin plant
    • Age and increasing operational cost constraints drove a need to change technology and approach
    • Deployed Mobile Water as part of a Build, Own, and Operate (BOO) offer
    • Quick execution
    • Mobile Service backup

    Emergency Solutions

    Need help quickly? Mobile Water is there with products and solutions to help you weather the unexpected. In the event of a water system failure, you can count on GE Mobile Water’s rapid response to provide you with versatile equipment that is easy to install and operate. Our emergency contracts can be open-ended, are available 365 days a year, and are backed by 24/7 worldwide logistics and dedicated customer service. Within hours of a call to our logistics center, our mobile equipment will be at your site supplying the treated water you need to keep afloat during an emergency.

    Example: Refinery

    • The pure water system was out of order and needed about three weeks for maintenance.
    • The next scheduled plant shutdown was three years away so the refinery urgently needed an alternate solution that could provide 550 gpm (3000 m3/day) of pretreated water.
    • Deployed a mobile softener and MobileRO.
    • In just a couple of hours, GE Mobile Water was able to supply water during the maintenance operation and avoid plant shutdown.

    Innovative Technologies

    MobileFlow Configurations

      At Mobile Water

    • We design water systems using the latest technologies suited to your specific water needs and applications. Ion exchange technology, like that used in our MobileFlow* system, is well suited for applications such as water softening, demineralizing, and condensate polishing (reducing iron and silica content in water). See the diagram below for more information.
    • In addition to our mobile Media Filtration systems (MMF), our versatile and reliable ZeeWeed* Ultrafiltration membrane technology is ideally suited for use in numerous water applications, including water reuse, filtration, and pretreatment for brackish and seawater reverse osmosis. ZeeWeed* systems produce superior water quality and can accommodate a wide variety of influent water qualities and filtration applications up to 2000 gpm (454 m3/hr).
    • Our family of MobileRO* products are uniquely designed to accommodate even the most challenging water applications. We offer systems in a variety of flow rates and configurations, which can be customized and combined to meet your specific water quality needs. GE has several hundred MobileRO units in service around the world with flow rates available up to 700 gpm (159 m3/hr) in a single trailer.

    Ultra Filtration System

    Application - ZeeWeed* UF package units serve a community with a population of 11,500

    Capacity - 700 cubic meters per day

    Location - Inyishi, Imo State Nigeria

    Commissioned - March 2012


    The Federal Ministry of Water Resources of Nigeria needed to build a drinking water treatment plant for the community of Inyishi in Imo State for the provision of potable water in a community which currently relied on untreated water for potable water.

    The challenge was to deliver a system with minimal human interface, yet still offer a robust, compact, and easy-to-operate design; all with a delivery and install deadline that fell within the space of 4 months. Time was critical here since the Ministry was poised to have good quality of water delivered to the community before the close of Q2 2012.


    With the quick deployment of SUEZ’s Z-BOX systems, the community of Inyishi will be able to deliver high quality treated drinking water to the community in the near future, supporting a growing region where access to potable water has been a challenge over the years.

    ultrafiltration system


    SUEZ’s Water and Process Technologies was well positioned to meet the community’s challenge with its Z-BOX* Ultrafiltration product line, which allows for a high level of automation and treatment capability. Additionally, due to SUEZ’s extensive manufacturing capabilities and inventory of the Z-BOX, SUEZ was able to meet the tight timeframe required by the project, working with WATTCCON, its Independent Third-Party Channel Partner in Nigeria, and the Ministry’s EPC contractor UMEZ Engineering Ltd.

    The SUEZ solution consisted of two Z-BOX S12 systems. At the core of the system is SUEZ’s ZeeWeed 1000 Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane, which provides protection against turbidity, colour, and pathogens from the raw water; pathogens are of particular concern to this community. Because the Z-BOX S12 Ultrafiltration System is SUEZ’s pre-engineered and skid-mounted UF system, its attributes specifically result in reduced engineering, installation, and commissioning requirements for the facility. The system is controlled by a programmable logic computer (PLC) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) enabling automation of operations resulting in lower time requirements for the supervision of the plant.

    The Z-BOX system was delivered pre-designed and skid mounted to promote quick installation and commissioning, while maintaining precise engineering and detailed specifications.

    The two systems combined will be able to treat 700 cubic meters per day of water from the local water source and will serve a population of over 11,500 in the area.

    Waste Water Re-Use Solutions

    Building Size - 33,160 sq. meters

    Location - New York, US

    Application - Wste water re-use

    Plant Size - 65 sq. meters

    Capacity - 95 cbm / d

    Plant Overview

    The 250-unit, Solaire Apartments in Battery Park continues the city’s trend to reusable, sustainable, and efficient residential development. This specific development was a private-public partnership and is the first “green” residential high-rise building that incorporates advanced materials, energy conservation and water reuse in an urban setting. The development has adopted features that will become a must in the future as populations grow and water resources become limited.

    The Solaire Apartments selected SUEZ’s proprietary ZeeWeed** membrane bioreactor (MBR) process to treat, store and reuse the wastewater for toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling towers. This approach reduces the freshwater taken from the city’s water supply by over 75%, and significantly decreases energy costs as less drinking water is pumped from the city’s treatment plant and wastewater is not transferred to the city’s wastewater treatment system. The system is the first onsite water recycling system in the U.S. built inside a multi-family, residential building.

    Process Oveview

    The 25,000 gpd (95 m³/d) onsite wastewater treatment, storage and reuse system is located in the building’s basement, and includes a series of common-walled, cast-in-place, concrete tanks. The first step in the process is a collection and settling tank where large solids are removed. The wastewater then flows to a bioreactor, which contains active bacteria used to consume or digest the biodegradable waste.

    ZeeWeed ultrafiltraton membranes are immersed directly into the bioreactor, which eliminates the need to settle solids, and significantly decreases the necessary size of the treatment tanks. Permeate pumps are used to gently pull the wastewater through thousands of membrane fibers. Each fiber is filled with billions of microscopic pores that physically block suspended solids, bacteria and viruses from passing through—guaranteeing an exceptional water quality and clarity on a continuous basis.

    The treated water is then further disinfected by ultraviolet lights. Any remaining color and odor is removed using an ozone generator that also provides a residual disinfection during water storage. The storage tanks serve as reservoirs for the treated water, which is used as flush water, make-up water for the cooling towers, and for irrigation.

    Asbestos Contaminated Materials

    Removal, Handling, Packaging, Transport, Disposal
    and Over-all Clean-up and Decontamination

    Warehouse / Buildings

    Roofing, Sidings, Wall, Ceiling, Pipe Insulations

    Ships / Vessels

    Engine Room Ceiling insulation, Wall, Engine Pipes Insulations.

    Destruction and Disposal of Counterfeit
    and Legally-Sensitive Products
    and Items

    - Shredder Maching

    - Mini-Shredder Machine

    - Manual Destruction

    Trucking Services

    Our end-to-end service guarantees and ensures efficient and seamless transfer of your item.

    We provide cost-efficient trucking services while ensuring good service quality.

    - Dump Trucks

    - Wing Vans

    - Flat Beds

    Dump Trucks

    Wing Van / Flat Bed

    Complete Waste Management Solutions

    Hazardous, Non-Hazardous and Toxic Waste Handling, Classification, Sorting, Packaging, Transport, Treatment, Destruction and Disposal.

    - Expired Chemical

    - Pharmaceuticals & Drugs

    - Pesticides

    - Waste w/ Inorganic chemicals

    - Waste with Organic solvents

    - Miscellaneous Waste

    - Contaminated containers

    - Contaminated materials

    Polychlorinated Biphenyl

    PCB Oil and PCB-Contaminated Materials

    - Handling

    - Packaging

    - Treatment

    - Transport

    - Disposal

    Roofing Services

    General Roofing services from Inspection, Measurement, Dismantling to Installation

    - Roofing Panels & Bended Accessories Supply

    - Roofing Installation

    - Roof Maintenance

    - Bended Accessories

    - Gutter Installation

    - Roof Repair