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JPT Pro-Earth Services Inc.

The company specializes in waste management services for toxic and hazardous wastes. These services include wastes handling, profiling, classification, sorting, packaging, transporting, treatment, destruction, and disposal both locally and internationally.

We have strong partnership with Department of Environment & Natural Resources (DENR) accredited facilities on waste recycling and recovery, complete waste destruction, disposal facilities (landfills), treatment and storage facilities, as well as factories and end-users within the Philippines and abroad.

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JPT Pro-Earth Services Inc.

Our Company

Is a fully-licensed company with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and other government agencies specializing in the hazardous and toxic waste management services.

The company is established in September 2009. JPT is proud for having an international accreditation being the only company in the country that has able to qualify for the trans-boundary movement requirements of a UN-Approved waste treatment facility in Europe.

The company implements international standards in the area of SAFETY and ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE in all its business activities.

The team has been actively and aggressively serving the waste management industry for more than a decade maintaining excellent track records serving the top 10000 companies in the country. JPT is established to support and handle specific.


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